Why Use CBD Oil?

CBD oil has numerous benefits that can help people experience happier, pain-free, and symptom-free lives. CBD, unlike other forms of cannabis, does not have THC, which is the primary psychoactive element in marijuana. CBD will not give you a “high” because it does not have THC and will not negatively affect your ability to function or maintain your mental faculties. So why use cannabidiol oil? 

Pain Relief including Cancer Symptoms

CBD provides pain relief for people who have physical injuries, whether severe or temporary, such as a pulled muscle. Cannabidiol oil limits the pain response that your body emits by talking directly to the neurotransmitters involved in transmitting pain signals. Pain relief can help patients recovering from sports injuries as well as common injuries and offers few side effects. 

CBD also helps patients who are suffering from cancer and its debilitating physical pain to find temporary relief. Cancer patients often experience pain from their treatments as well as their disease, and too many pharmaceutical medications can make them feel groggy, tired, or impact their ability to think. CBD won’t slow patients down but will help reduce cancer pain. 

Anxiety, Depression and General Relaxation

Anxiety and depression can both be treated with CBD. While CBD may not be enough alone to treat these conditions, CBD is a critical treatment component for many because of its relaxation properties. CBD is excellent for anyone who suffers from a stressful lifestyle and wants to add more relaxation back into their lives. CBD can even be used with small children. 

Many medical treatments for anxiety and depression can create addiction problems. Pharmaceutical drugs can also come with a variety of side effects that may negatively affect your quality of life. However, CBD has few side effects and allows people to live their lives with more energy as well as peace. The relaxing qualities of CBD can help people sleep better and get a more restful sleep every night. 

Neuroprotective Capabilities and Heart Health

Did you know that cannabidiol oil can help protect your brain and your heart? CBD helps to decrease inflammation in the brain. Protecting your brain by reducing inflammation can help protect against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. CBD also helps protect heart health by lowering abnormally high blood pressure and limiting cell death. 

For more information about CBD oil and how it can benefit you, contact us at Shop Organic CBD. We know that the power of CBD can transform your life. If you struggle with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, acne, cancer-symptoms, or want to protect your heart and brain, we have CBD oil for you.


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